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'The Johnson family have been pressing apples and pears at Broome Farm since the 1930s. Today our natural cider is produced in the same traditional way in the unique soil and climate of Herefordshire. The cidermaking is pure and simple, using only whole juice, and allowing natural fermentation.

Cidermaking on Broome Farm is more than business; it is a way of life, and a celebration of the tradition of cider. Into every batch of cider we produce goes our heartfelt belief in the superiority of a natural product over more processed commercial drinks. Our natural cider and perry is made from pure apple and pear juice, pressed ourselves, mainly from our own orchards.

We adore our bittersweet apples – Dabinett, Yarlington Mill, Major and more – and the unique tannic flavours they provide. Different year after year, depending on so many natural factors. The weather, the sun or the rain, the quantity of crop, the health of the tree, the temperature during fermentation. Our job is to keep the product clean and let the apples do the talking.

We recognise the value of blending – mixing in Bittersharps such as Foxwhelp, Browns or Frederick. This lets us create ciders with more depth of flavour, with mixtures of acidity, tannin, astringency as well as varying aromas and aftertastes.

Hopefully, we can offer you a new distinctive range of real cider and perry.'

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