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'At Bridge farm we take pride in producing award winning ciders from the finest traditional orchards across South Somerset and Dorset. We will only use traditional cider apples from local orchards, all within a tractor journey from the farm. Our ciders are crafted using traditional methods reflecting the heritage of traditional farmhouse ciders with a modern artisanal twist.


The cider apple harvest starts for us in October and will run through to December, once the apples are harvested the apples will be blended before pressing often with more than 11 local varieties going into each pressing. The fruit is washed and the bad apples removed by hand prior to being milled and then pressed through our hydraulic press dating from the early 1900's. The milled apples are built up in layers between racks and cloths to form what is called a cheese. The cheese is placed in the press and the juice extracted. The remaining pomace (pulp) is stored for winter feed for the sheep that graze our orchards during the late winter and early spring months resulting in very little waste from the process.


We harvest all our cider apples ourselves, this enables us to choose which apples to harvest at the optimum time in the season for the variety and helps us maintain and control the quality of all the fruit that we press.'

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