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'Janet and Martin moved to Herefordshire in 1999 and set about realising a lifetime’s ambition to produce food in a natural, nutritious and environmentally sustainable way. The result is Butford Organics, a family-owned organic smallholding specialising in cider, perry and apple juice.

We’re licensed by the Soil Association as both organic producers and processors. We actively support all endeavours to promote fresh local food.

  • We don’t use artificial fertilizers, chemical pesticides or unnecessary antibiotics on our holding.

  • We do endeavour to minimise our carbon footprint – we have our own sustainable wood supply for all our heating and hot water needs and generate most of our electricity with solar panels.

  • We do minimise food miles.

  • We do grow our fruit allowing natural predators to keep the trees healthy and bees to pollinate the blossom.

  • We do let nature do most of the work in fermenting our ciders using only wild yeasts and no sulphites.

  • We do enjoy our lifestyle and the resulting produce – we hope you do too.'

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