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Secret Orchard Exmoor Mellow

  • Watch Chris taste this cider HERE.


    Exmoor Mellow is a smooth, easy drinking cider blended from traditional cider apple varietals such as Harry Masters Jersey and Kingston Black. It pours a rich, opaque, amber in the glass and shows delicate notes of honey, spice and aged apples on the nose. On the palate expect juicy apple, hints of brown sugar/caramelisation and soft acidity. Despite fermentation with wild yeasts this cider is aged entirely in plastic and steel and as a result lacks some of the 'funk' and 'wildness' one often finds in farmhouse ciders. If you're looking for a purer 'apple' experience then this is the cider for you.


    - Medium

    - Sparkling

    - 5.5%

    - 500ml

  • We aim to make deliveries within 48 hours of orders being placed.

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