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- 8.2% ABV

- Dry

- 750ml

- Sparkling

- Peterstow, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire

    Ross-on-Wye 'Harry Masters Jersey' 2019

    • Watch Chris's review HERE.

      'Harry Masters Jersey is a powerful bittersweet apple that benefits from time. This cider combines five oak casks we fermented in 2019, spending six months in barrel before maturing for one year in a neutral container. After a long, patient wait, we opened them up to taste and knew instantly we had something special. Luscious, juicy Harry Masters that has been softened by oak and time, but still retains its fiery, metallic tannins and huge bodied flavour. A classic bittersweet variety, expressing its journey from the orchard to your glass.'

    • We aim to make deliveries within 3 working days of orders being placed.

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