- 6% ABV

- Medium

- 500ml

- Sparkling

Palmer's Upland Cyder 'Ruperra' Perry 500ml

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    Phill Palmer is a full time teacher with a passion for cider & perry which he makes in a converted stable, in his back garden, on a suburban estate in South Wales. His 'Cyder' (an historical reference to 100% whole juice ciders) and perry are made from traditional cider apples and perry pears sourced in and around South Wales and the English border. Phill may be a 'hobbyist' cidermaker but don't be fooled, his ciders have won him many prizes & accolades and he is held in the highest esteem by many cider 'professionals'.

    This Ruperra perry (from the Welsh for 'perry hill', apparently) is made from a  blend of 'Betty Prosser' (a 'critically endangered' variety), 'Blakeney Red',  'Thorn', 'Oldfield, 'Brandy' & 'Winnal's Longden'. In the glass it's a bright, pale gold with a hint of 'pinot gris' about it.  The nose is delicate but you can't ignore the pear character alongside 'earthy' & 'woody' notes (I thought it smelled like a subtle Sauternes dessert wine).

    The bubbles are super fine - almost like 'Space Dust' - & there is a residual sweetness from none fermentable sorbitol (a characteristic common to perry). The wine like & 'earthy' qualities detected on the nose are also present on the palate alongside a pronounced flavour of pear and a satisfying 'creaminess'. Great perry.




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