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- 4.5% ABV

- Medium

- 500ml

- Sparkling

- Abbey Dore, Herefordshire

Gwatkin's 'Original Blend'

  • Watch Chris's review HERE.

    Like much of the Gwatkin range this cider falls toward the sweeter end of medium but both on the palate and the nose it displays Gwatkin's characteristic citric/lactic acidity which provides a wonderful balance to its rich, fruity, honeyed, dessert like character. To top it all off it shines a bubbly, golden amber in the glass and begs ,'Drink me, drink me'. It would be churlish not to. This is probably our best selling cider and with so much reward for its 4.5% ABV it's easy to see why.

  • We aim to make deliveries within 3 working days of orders being placed.

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