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- 5.1% ABV

- Medium Sweet

- 750ml

    - Sparkling/Pet Nat

    - Broad Oak, Herefordshire

    Cwm Maddoc 'Thorn' Perry 2021

    • Watch Chris's tasting HERE.


      'A very old variety (first recorded 1676) which is early to ripen. Fruit collected in September from standard trees in a young orchard about 15 – 20 years old between Ross-on-Wye and Hereford.


      Made in a small batch of 360 litres, from full juice, using wild yeasts and the pét-nat method (see below) to give a natural sparkle and sweetness. The juice was fermented in blue plastic barrels and transferred after racking to a stainless steel variable capacity tank.'

    • We aim to make deliveries within 3 working days.

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