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- 4.9% ABV

- Dry

- 500ml

    - Petillant

    - Broad Oak, Herefordshire

    Cwm Maddoc 'Jerry's Perry' 2021

    • Watch Chris's tasting HERE.

      '2021 was a good season for pears and one of the trees we had planted in our Two-acre Orchard in the winter of 2008/9 was loaded with fruit. The tree was planted as ‘Winter Nelis’, a late season dessert pear, which according to Hogg was ‘…one of the richest flavoured pears, flesh being yellowish, fine-grained, buttery and melting, with a rich, sugary and vinous flavour and a fine aroma.’ Imagine our disappointment when biting into it to find it had a poor texture and tasted insipid. It was however juicy and it was a heavy crop so rather that let them drop we decided to press them and ferment the juice to a Perry. The result is a delicately flavoured, low tannin dry Perry with a gentle pétillance. We are unable to identify the variety.'

    • We aim to make deliveries within 3 working days.

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