- 5.5% ABV

- Medium

- 750ml

    - Sparkling

    - Broad Oak, Herefordshire

    Cwm Maddoc 'Betty Prosser' Perry 2020 750ml

    • Watch Chris try taste this perry HERE.


      Produced by Jeremy Harris at Hollow Ash, Broad Oak in Herefordshire this is a fantastic perry produced from a 'critically rare' varietal (no-one knows who the eponymous 'Betty Prossser' was). This perry pours 'brassy' & bright with a lively sparkle but it's the nose that really catches your attention. It smells of pastry & yeast with fresh pear  & hints of sherry in the background.

      On the palate it is rich with the slightest hint of acidity, ripe pears, low tannin and the extremeley subtle sherry characteristic from the nose is still detectable. This is extremely rare stuff, mores the pity.

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