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- 6% ABV

- Dry

- 750ml

- Sparkling

- Peterstow, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire


    Ross-on-Wye 'Brandy & Blakeney Red' 2019

    • Watch Chris's review HERE.

      This perry is made from a blend of Blakeney Red and Brandy, two historic Gloucestershire perry pears. Blakeney Red is the most commonly used perry pear and can be widely found in both single variety and blended ciders. The Brandy, however, is a little rarer, and almost died out due to its tendency to overipen. In recent years it has been making a come back, although it is rarely seen as a single variety and is generally found in blends.

      This perry pours a lovely amber/'brass' colour in the glass with a subtle haze. The nose is wonderfully rich with ripe pear and hints of toffee. In the mouth the bubbles are fine and there is a delicate tannic astringency and although the nose hints at sweetness it is in fact bone dry. The mouthfeel is a little lighter than the nose suggests but the pear character persisits and there is nice minerality. Despite the rich pear/dessert aromatics on the palate it is beautifully, and surprisingly, light and refreshing. Fabulous hot weather sipper.

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