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- 6.2% ABV

- Medium

- 375ml

- Still

- Bryntirion, Clifford, Herefordshire

    Artistraw Cider 'The Red Shrews' 2020

    • Watch Chris taste this cider HERE.

      ' Dabinett apples alone make this medium cider display all of the quintessentialcharacteristics of this famous fruit; a marmalade twang is enveloped in a twist ofsmoke and given weight with rounded tannins, whilst gentle astringency is balancedwith the apple’s own juicy natural sugars.Gathered by hand from lines of trees in a small orchard nestled between a curve inthe river and the cross on the old church spire in our home town of Hay on Wye, thisis a cider made for Winter feasting. Eat, drink and dance until your legs fall off! '

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