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- 6.7% ABV

- Medium

- 750ml

- Still

- Bryntirion, Clifford, Herefordshire

    Artistraw Cider 'Samhain' 2020 750ml

    • Watch Chris try this cider HERE.

      ‘Tis the day the veil is thin, darker days Samhain brings, to our blessed ancestors we invite, our blessed thanks and unite…

      Pressed on the 1st of November, on the very morning of Samhain itself, the majority of this cider is made from the Knotted Kernel apple; a rare variety that was thought to be lost until the 1980s when it was discovered growing in New Zealand. However, this supposition was proven wrong by ourselves, when we found some majestic 60 year
      old trees growing happily in one of the orchards we care for here in Herefordshire! Their fruit the colour of rubies and the shape and size of cherries, these beautiful fruits yield an extraordinary flavour unlike that of any other apple we work with. Rich, decadent and unctuous, this cider brings to mind petrichor, dark ripe berries and strolls in ancient woodland. Drink as the sun sets, atop the highest hill you can find

    • We aim to make deliveries within 3 working days of orders being placed.

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