- 6.2% ABV

- Dry

- 375ml

- Petillant

- Bryntirion, Clifford, Herefordshire

    Artistraw Cider 'Kingston Black'Dry 2019 375ml

    • Watch Chris's review HERE.

      Made by Lydia & Tom Tibbits on their small holding in Herefordshire, this is a single variety cider made from the 'king of cider apples,' Kingston Black. The apples are collected from three different standard/traditional orchards in the Golden, Wye & Grey valleys.

      It pours a slightly hazy amber/gold in the glass with the merest hint of a sparkle. The nose is subtle but hints at an intense forest floor/earthiness along with rich apple and pastry. On the palate there is some residual sweetness alongside astringent tannins and solid acidity which made me think 'dry apricot'. There's also a mineral quality which borders on 'lemon water' along with sweated, aged apple. The very gentle sparkle combines with all the other characterisitcs to deliver an excellent all round single variety cider. There aren't very many available so grab one while you can.



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