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- 7.7% ABV

- Dry

- 750ml

- Sparkling/Pet Nat

- Bryntirion, Clifford, Herefordshire

    Artistraw Cider 'Harvest Shrew' 2021 750ml

    • Watch Chris try this cider HERE.

      'This cider was made with fruit harvested from two of the most beautiful orchards we care for, Jury and Duffryn, some of the trees in which must be approaching 80 years old. Time seems to pass differently in these enchanting places and more than once we’ve found ourselves still hypnotically picking fruit by moonlight, lost in thought and birdsong.
      A mouth-filling wave of fizz is followed by warming ripe red apple skins with a whisper of succulently piquant lemon. Minerality and phenolic tannins are in perfect balance in this fresh, luminous cider. A fantastic accompaniment to spicy dishes and nights spent dancing under a full moon.'


    • We aim to make deliveries within 3 working days of orders being placed.

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