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- 6.4% ABV

- Dry

- 750ml

- Still

- Bryntirion, Clifford, Herefordshire

    Artistraw Cider 'Dry White Perry' 2020

    • 'For us the vinous qualities of this dry perry are instant and undeniable. A gentle acidity reminiscent of kiwi fruit flirts with a savoury, almost nutty flavour. A single variety, Blakeney Red, was gathered from an important small orchard once famed for producing Perry for Leominster Priory. The trees themselves are thought to be at least 300 years old and rise to majestic heights, dropping their huge fruits from elevations as lofty as 30ft! A hazard indeed if you are on hands and knees picking up pears beneath them! Possessing a minerality that speaks of the land on which these veteran trees have been growing for centuries, this perry is truly an expression of old Herefordshire.'

    • We aim to make deliveries within 3 working days of orders being placed.

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