- 6% ABV

- Dry

- 500ml

    - Sparkling

    - Broad Oak, Herefordshire

    Cwm Maddoc 'Dabinett' 2019

    • Watch Chris's review HERE.


      Made by Jeremey Harris in Broad Oak, Herefordshire, from the classic cider varietal, 'Dabinett'. The bottle opens with a nice hiss and pours a lovely bright amber in the glass with a very slight haze. Smells invitingly of apples sauteed in butter with a tannic leatheriness.

      On the palate it has a decent level of natural sweetness (almost tastes 'Normande') with the leathery tannins from the nose making themselves present on the tongue. There's also a hint of minerality and toffee and the whole thing tastes like a perfectly balanced apple dessert. Wonderful cider from a great cider maker. This is available in very limited numbers. You have been warned.

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