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- 6.5% ABV

- Medium

- 750ml

- Still

- East Chinook, Somerset

Bridge Farm 'Medium'

  • Watch CHris taste this cider HERE.

    Made by award winning cider maker Nigel Stewart from a blend of traditional, indigenous varietals and fermented with wild yeast followed by time in barrels, it shares many characteristics with it's sweeter sibling. Sugar is still relatively prominent but  balanced by mouth watering lactic acidity and gentle tannins. If you love sweet wines (think Tokaji and Sauternes) but want something a little more restrained in terms of sweetness then this should work well. The sweetness and acidity make this a verstaile partner to quite a few cheeses, from blues to hards and even some bolder goat's cheeses.

  • We aim to make deliveries within 3 working days.

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