- 5.5% ABV

- Medium

- 750ml

- Sparkling

- Wrington, North Somerset

Barleywood Orchards 'Ashmead's Kernel' 2020 750ml

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    Made at the beautiful Barleywood Walled Garden in Wrington, Somerset, this 'cold-racked' cider is made predominantly from a culinary apple - 60% Ashmeads Kernel - with cider apples blended in for balance ( 40% Chisel Jersey & Michelin). The cold-racking results in a stalled fermentation which gives the cider a natural sweetness and a lower ABV.

    It pours a beautiful amber gold with a marvelous 'rocky' head and has a perfumed, apple character on the nose with subtle, 'dark' undertones. On the palate there is some gorgeous residual sugar with solid tannins to bring mouthfeel and structure. There's a citric element which balances the sweetness alongside a wonderful, moreish suggestion of baked apple. A fabulous medium cider. If you like ciders from Brittany or Normandy then do yourself a favour and grab a bottle of this while you can,

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