'We are a small family business making award-winning cider, in the picturesque village of Stoke Gabriel, by the River Dart in South Devon. We make all our ciders from apples hand-picked in local orchards which are managed traditionally and wildlife-friendly. All the apples we use are free from any chemical sprays or fertiliser, and come from within 3 miles of our cider house. 

Our cider
We make small batches of cider using the apples'natural sugars and wild yeasts on the skin. 
Our cider is 100% apple juice with no added sulphites. Our unadulterated cider is a pure expression of the soil and climate of where we live.  Yarde cider is still made the traditional way, by wrapping the apple pulp in cloths and gently squeezing it. The cider is then left for a few months on its lees to maximise the flavour, before racking off and bottling. 

We make two styles of cider:

  • Traditional Devon flat cider

  • Fine sparkling cider 2018'